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A17 B238 out
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2018 7:33 pm Post subject: No icon A17 B238 out Reply with quote

A17 b238

   We don’t want incompatibility bugs with previous builds so please remember to start a new game with each experimental update.


       AI path jump costs vary with height
       Sleeper volume padding of .9 in xz for when passive is disabled
       Vehicle support for multiple lights, brightness is in xml


       Increased base player noise by 50%
       Increased perk FromTheShadows noise reduction and gives 15/25 for levels 1 and 2
       Boiled eggs do not need master chef cook to make
       Repair kits only need 2 mech parts instead of 5
       Attribute levels cost fewer points to buy and are not level gated
       Some advanced crafting perks have a player level requirement
       Limited rubble buildings in industrial areas
       Added medicalPileSmall, cntAmmoPileSmall to "hidden loot" in prefabs
       Traders pay less for goods
       Better barter nerfed by 5% on all tiers
       Disabled texture streaming of atlases for CPU performance gains. Memory might go up slightly
       Added springs to most firearm recipes and increased the costs of other components


       Marksman rifle reload animation and sound
       When cancelled, repair material is not refunded
       Collapsed building sleepers will respawn in the air
       Invalid water display on distant terrain dirt in RWG
       Vehicles don't have lights (brightened minibike and added 1 motorcycle and 2 4x4 headlights)
       Scrap value on chairs
       BuffShamChowder is functional
       Wrong EconomicValue on AK47
       NRE spam on bladetrap
       PerkCardio description is wrong
       ModMeleeClubBurningShaft does not decrease stealth
       Crafted fiber clothes disappear while wearing other clothes
       Two errors when player ragdolls
       Players can't die from thirst or hunger despite the description
       Scopes can be installed on shotguns
       Ak47 sell price was too high
       Consumable item dupe
       Logging out while crafting creates items without durability
       Item not removed if entering character screen during use animation
       Logging out while adding gas to auger makes a super auger
       Invalidoperation exception when 4x4 explodes
       Heavy Armor perk >2 prevents death while on bicycle
       Vehicles taking damage multiple times
       Vehicles could remain after destroyed in MP games
       Left mouse button toggling isTurnTowardsLook when not on vehicle

   Known issues:

       In some scenarios double swing may still occur
       Tool damage localization is different than actual value
       RWG: Floating POIs (Minimal occurrence now)
       Trader Jen has a deep voice
       Ammo count of nail gun goes broke, when equipped with full auto receiver
       Trader Rekt is nicer than usual
       Some achievements can not be obtained at the moment
       Charismatic Nature is still in need of improvement, buff works for 5 seconds and 5 seconds it does not
       Scrapping items in crafting queue while re-logging may go lost
       Re-logging when crafting usable items are in the crafting queue may have negative side effects
       Crafting speed bonus does not properly apply to workstations
       Clipping into blocks to see through terrain
       Vultures play their fly animation when dead for clients
       Shotgun driver loses sound on 4x4 after a while
       Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed
       Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater
       Hitting ESC while generating a map preview will blank screen. Must use CTRL, ALT, DEL to exit game.
       RWG preview tool localization
       Firearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom)
       Mining helmet light doesn't show for other players
       Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as Host
       Hatches don't always open on the first try
       Player model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventory
       Turrets will not target self when set to do so
       LCB icon is still shown when LCB has been destroyed by another player
       Player can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff
       Flames don't move with zombie ragdolls
       Resolution does not always save when >1080p options are available
       Burning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbelt
       Healing other players with RMB doesn't work
       StackOverFlowException: Using assigned previous and next category keybinds in cm
       Trench around cave_02 in RWG
       Self medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended.
       Debuffs on respawn
       Crashes on Mac
       If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xml
       White lines may occur on imposter POIs

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